The Story of Arbitrage

In May 2014, a software engineer started trading equities with no idea what he was doing. Like most of us have done, when starting something new, he failed and lost a lot of money but not his confidence in his ability to be successful. If anything, he saw this roadblock as an opportunity to create something new.

His new mantra was “something is missing, I’m going to find it” and he began to work towards a better more successful way.

Fast forward to today, that ex-software engineer named Royce Wells, is the Founder & CEO of Arbitrage Brands.

Royce found vindication when the market performed as his model predicted and has even trained others to outperform the markets. He has been able to produce over $150,000.00 profit in a single day with only $1,100.00 at risk.

Today, Royce earns approximately $25,000 a week trading within the Foreign Exchange Global Markets.

Through this, he has been able to support the growth of all of Arbitrage's brands without taking a loan or outside capital, protecting his equity and capital. While 50% of new businesses have failed since the inception of Arbitrage Trade Analytics and 100,000 since Covid-19, Arbitrage Trade Analytics grew over 215% in 2021 due to Royce’s unique approach to business.

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